Park regulations

Visitors of the truckparking are subject to rules.

General provisions

1. Entering the Borchwerf Truck Parking (Truckparking) Entering the Borchwerf Truck Parking (Truckparking) is entirely at one’s own risk. Visitors are only permitted access to the grounds and buildings to which access is required to visit or to carry out activities (for suppliers), etc..

2. All those present, both drivers and passengers, at the Truck Parking are required to be in possession of a valid parking ticket.

3. Parking at the Borchwerf Truck Parking is entirely at one’s own risk. Parkeer Beheer Roosendaal B.V. (Parkeer Beheer) cannot be held liable for any damages that occur at the Truck Parking resulting from an accident, loss, theft or any other cause. The only exception to the foregoing is if the damages are the result of a culpable and demonstrable shortcoming by Parkeer Beheer or one of its employees. Any damages have to be reported immediately to the Control Room +31(0)165 560275. Parkeer Beheer cannot be held liable for damages to the vehicle reported after it has left the Truck Parking.

4. Visitors must follow instructions and directions given by or on behalf of Parkeer Beheer at all times. These instructions/directions may be given amongst others by means of signs, directions or signals from staff and/or employees of contractors hired by Parkeer Beheer.

5. If a visitor fails to follow instructions/directions given by or on behalf of Parkeer Beheer at once, Parkeer Beheer will not accept any form of liability for any loss or damages whatsoever. (in theory, no loss or damages can arise if the instructions are followed).

6. Under no circumstances whatsoever will Parkeer Beheer accept liability for damages to and caused by tyres punctured on the Truck Parking site.

7. Parkeer Beheer staff and/or contractors hired by Parkeer Beheer have the authority at all times to inspect (hand) luggage, lockers, cabins and storage compartments of any vehicle/user.

8. If Parkeer Beheer or contractors hired by Parkeer Beheer suffer any loss or damages as a result of a failure by a visitor to Truck Parking to comply with these regulations, the latter will be obliged to pay for all of the loss or damages upon first demand, without prejudice to any rights Parkeer Beheer may have under the law.

9. If a visitor fails to comply with the regulations, Parkeer Beheer may (permanently) deny the visitor access to the Truck Parking.

10. By entering the Truck Parking, visitors are deemed to have agreed with these regulations.

Safety instructions for visitors

1. You are not permitted to enter the site without a valid entry ticket. You are required to keep this entry ticket with you during your stay at the Truck Parking and show it at the request of Parkeer Beheer employees or contractors hired by Parkeer Beheer.

2. You are required to park your entire vehicle within the spaces created for this purpose between the lines.

3. If you fail to follow instructions/directions immediately/correctly, Parkeer Beheer will be entitled to move/remove your vehicle or have it moved/removed. Parkeer Beheer will recover the cost of doing so from you.

4. The same behaviour and traffic rules apply in the Truck Parking as on public roads. Traffic signs and signals have the same meaning.

5. Your behaviour in the Truck Parking must not constitute any danger or nuisance to you, Parkeer Beheer staff, contractors hired by Parkeer Beheer or other Truck Parking users. You are required to observe rules of common decency and courtesy applicable in the Netherlands. You are deemed to be aware of them.

6. The equipment on motor vehicles and trailers, as well as other means of transport must comply with legal requirements.

7. A stationary truck or a separated trailer must always have the brakes applied or be immobilised by another means, so the vehicle cannot constitute a hazard to other traffic. Only trailers belonging to season ticket holders may be left separated provided a support block is used; the support block must be positioned so the trailer cannot tip forward and damage the tarmac.

8. Driving in and out of the Truck Parking, as well as driving forward and/or reversing in the Truck Parking must not proceed before drivers have assured themselves that no danger or hindrance can be caused to other traffic.

9. Motor vehicles may not be driven in the Truck Parking without a valid driving licence. Registration documents and driving licences must be presented upon request by Parkeer Beheer staff or contractors hired by Parkeer Beheer.

10. The speed limit is indicated by signs. The speed limit in the Truck Parking is 10 km/hour.

11. It is forbidden to consume and/or to hold alcoholic drinks and/or drugs in the Truck Parking.

12. It is forbidden to light open fires.

13. It is forbidden to cause excessive noise.

14. It is forbidden to carry out repairs and maintenance on trucks/commercial vehicles in the Truck Parking (this includes oil changes, etc.).

15. Small household waste is to be deposited in the waste bins provided in our Truck Parking; disposing of bulky waste (tyres, pallets, etc.) and domestic chemical waste (batteries) is not permitted.

16. Objects, obstacles and/or blockages must not be placed on the road without prior permission from the security firm and/or Parkeer Beheer.

17. Passenger cars and service vehicles may only park in the designated parking spaces in the Truck Parking.

18. There is no admittance to the Truck Parking for transport carrying hazardous (ADR) substances or goods.

19. Minors must be accompanied by an adult when walking in the Truck Parking or entering the washroom unit.

Services available

The Truck Park is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The following facilities are available in or at the Truck Park:

  • AED device, this can be found in the vicinity of the washroom unit
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Washing machine / tumble dryer
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lounge
  • Restaurants
  • Truck wash
  • Truck services for various brands

Access regulations

1. You can gain acces to the Truck Parking with a valid entry ticket. It is forbidden to allow others to use your ticket to come into the Truck Parking.

2. Parkeer Beheer and contractors/employees hired by Parkeer Beheer are responsible for overseeing the implementation of and compliance with these regulations. Parkeer Beheer and contractors hired by Parkeer Beheer are authorised to deviate temporarily from the instructions included in these regulations.

3. Without prejudice to any action that might be initiated in respect of those failing to comply with or acting contrary to any provisions of these regulations, he or she may also be denied access to the Truck Parking with any vehicle.

Parking container chassis (season ticket holders are excepted from this)

1. Container chassis may only be parked if they are attached to the vehicle.

2. Separated container chassis is not permitted on account of damage to the tarmac.

Concluding provisions

1. In cases for which these parking regulations have no provision, the judgement of our staff or the staff of the security firm are binding.

2. The invalidity of any stipulation in these Truck Parking regulations does not affect the validity of the remaining stipulations.

3. We wish you a pleasant stay in our Truck Parking and are convinced the Truck Parking regulations will contribute to it.

Emergency number: + 31 (0) 165-560275

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