Secure truck parking in The Netherlands

Excellent truck trailer parking; with great facillities

Parkeer Beheer is one of the first in the Netherlands to open a secure parking facility for trucks around The Netherlands. Borchwerf Truck Parking has been given a level 4 security certification by the European Commission, making it one of the most secure overnight truck parking in the Netherlands. This means safe parking for your transport in The Netherlands.

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Less likelihood of load theft

Personal safety

Take to the road fully rested

TAPA Parking Security Requirements (PSR)

Truck parking in The Netherlands

If you (or your drivers) regularly travel through the Netherlands and require truck parking, Truckparking Holland has the perfect solution for you. Our truck parking has excellent facilities, designed to ensure the comfort and safety of your drivers and the security of their load.


Truck parking (with facilities) in The Netherlands

With showers, washing machines, tumble driers and Wi Fi access all available on site, you can be certain that your drivers will leave refreshed and ready to tackle the next phase of their journey. Two restaurants are also available next to the truck park, which both have a range of hot and cold food at extremely reasonable prices, so your driver will be able to re-fuel and relax in comfortable surroundings.

Security at "Parkeer Beheer Truck Parking" in The Netherlands

Due to incorrectly parked trucks causing traffic hazards for all users, there is now a parking ban being fully enforced throughout the whole of the Borchweft Industrial Estate. This is strictly controlled by The Roosendaal Municipal Supervision and Enforcement Department, who may issue fines to drivers found to be parked in the area of the ban.

This can be avoided by using the truckparking that we have available. Additionally, the excellent security that our facility offers ensures that your driver and the cargo that he is carrying remain safe and secure, and he can concentrate on resting ready for the next leg of his journey. A stop includes includes free access to washing and drying facilities, showers and Wi Fi.

With entry only through secured gates and power fences, you can rest assured that the possibility of theft will be minimised as much as possible, leaving your driver to concentrate on getting his load to it's intended destination safely and quickly. By using Truck Parking in The Netherlands, you will not have to worry about picking up fines for illegal parking, driver fatigue, potential loss of cargo or any of the paperwork that all of this can involve. We also offer excellent subscription rates which could benefit your business, your drivers and your fleet even more.

Why leave it to chance by parking on an unprotected industrial estate when your drivers can have the luxury of using our fantastic facilities?

Safety for Truck Drivers and their goods

Truckparking Borchwerf provides a safe place for you to secure your load, your rig, your personal affects, and perhaps most importantly, yourself.

Centrally and conveniently located within a half hour of both Rotterdam and Antwerp, you can find us on the east side of the A17 motorway, exit 20. Once here, your cargo and truck will be protected behind an entry with a barrier and powerfence, with on-site surveillance in place to help prevent theft or interference with your property or goods.


Benefits of our secure truck parking in The Netherlands

  • Less likelihood of load theft Personal safety
  • Comfortable thanks to excellent facilities
  • Take to the road fully rested and hence less likely to be fined for driving time and rest period infringements

Secure truck parking rates

At this secure truck stop we offer two kinds of low rates: with a season ticket or without a season ticket. Our Truck Parking is accessible for every trucker. You can book directly your spot at our secure truck parking in The Netherlands by filling in the booking form on top.

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