Secure truck parking near the A59

Secured truck and trailer parking which ensures safe parking for your transport

Located in the area of the A59-highway, TRUCK PARKING BORCHWERF by Parkeer Beheer is the best place to park your truck safe and secure. Maximize the continuity of your logistic operations and minimize the risk of stolen goods and accidents caused by restlessness.

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Less likelihood of load theft

Personal safety

Take to the road fully rested

TAPA Parking Security Requirements (PSR)

Secured secure truck parking near the A59 highway

Running through the Dutch province of North Brabant, the A59 highway is about 75 kilometres long. The east-west route links various towns and cities in the south of the country including Willemstad, Moerdijk, Waalwijk, Den Bosch and Oss. Its western terminus provides access to major ports and economic hubs, including Antwerp to the south and Rotterdam in the north. To the east is Germany and Eastern European markets. If you are travelling between Heijningen and Oss on the A59 highway, we offer safe and secured truck parking facitielis for transport vehicles of all sizes. With affordable rates and 24-hour security, our sites have excellent amenities including wireless internet, showers and washroom facilities.

The Benefits of Truck Parking

Truck Parking Borchwerf is a fully safe and secured parking facility for truck drivers to use when they need to take a break. This special facility is situated in the very heart of Europe and is ideally located for long distance truck drivers who need to relax for a while. Truck Parking has been awarded level four security certification from the European Commission, so truck drivers can be sure that their truck as well as their belongings will be completely secure while they get a bite to eat and re-energise with a cup of coffee before climbing back behind the wheel and hitting the road once more. This also helps to reduce tiredness, which can lead to accidents if left unchecked.

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